Your children's eyes

Everybody agrees that eyes and their condition is very important for all of us. Most of us cannot imagine life with poor or impaired vision. It is thought crucial to take a proper care of your child’s eyes from the beginning. Please find below some suggestions, what to do in order for a good eye development, in order to maintain the good sight and the healthy eye.

Encourage you and others for a healthy eye care habits.
  • Taking regular breaks after every 35 – 45 minutes of reading, writing, playing on the computer or using electronic devices is highly recommended and essential to maintain good vision. Time spent on electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones or handheld devices should be reduced and depends on the child’s age. Remember that television or other entertainment media devices should be avoided for infants and children under age 3. A child’s eye and brain are developing structures that may be damaged for life if they are incorrectly stimulated and stay under strain.
  • Provide adequate light when your child is reading or playing. While reading, your child should be about 30-40 cm away from the book or even slightly further while on the electronic device.
  • Sleep well – getting at least eight, nine hours of sleep each night is also important in preventing your child’s eyes from getting strained and is essential for the correct eye development.
  • Sunglasses with ultraviolet light protection or protection accessories such as hats etc. play a very important role in preventing eye fatigue and eye burns and are essential to maintain good vision for years to come.
  • It is scientifically proven that outdoor activities delay the development of myopia. Therefore, incorporating outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling, hiking, skiing etc. is beneficial and essential to maintain good vision.
  • A well balanced nutrition is crucial for our health also essential to maintain good vision. Eating vegetables and fruits that are high in microelements such as lutein and zeaxanthin have been found to protect eyes from free radical damage. These microelements can be found in foods such as avocados, berries, brussels sprout, carrots, collard greens, corn, egg yolks, grapes, kiwi, pistachios, spinach, orange peppers, zucchini and orange juice. Consuming fish like salmon, herring and tuna is also beneficial for the eyes and it’s development since they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids necessary for the eye including retina.
  • Regular eye controls are essential to maintain good vision and may be crucial for a correct children’s’ eye development.

Remember – it is better to be safe than sorry – the earlier an eye problem is detected, the earlier an appropriate treatment can be recommended ensuring correct eye development and life-long benefits.

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