Examination and treatment of childrens eyes

We have equipment and experience to test children’s eyesight and eyes. Examination in a microscope, the so-called slit lamp, of the anterior segment of the eye and the examination of the eye fundus will enable the correct assessment of the condition of the eye, as well as the diagnosis of ophthalmic problems. We have equipment that allows us to analyze the eye structures, starting from the conjunctiva, sclera and cornea, through the lens and vitreous body, to the retina, choroid and optic nerve.

The analysis of the eye structures will allow us to prescribe glasses or contact lenses, as well as promptly undertake any treatment or recommend any additional examinations.

To conduct a comprehensive examination, it is necessary to dilate pupils with special eye drops. The drops used to dilate pupils slightly pinch immediately after administration, but the irritation passes after several seconds. After doing the above test, it is strongly recommended that you wear sunglasses as your eyes will be very sensitive to light.

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