We offer you eye tests for both children and adults. An in-depth ophthalmological examination will allow for the correct diagnosis of the eye condition and possible eye pathology. Each time the test results are interpreted with the patient and thoroughly explained, so that the patient understands the current condition of his eyes and possible problems affecting the eye that threaten or may threaten the eyes of a particular patient in the future.

The consultation includes a medical history, basic examinations and additional examinations if necessary, as well as the prescription of glasses, contact lenses or the prescription of any other necessary ophthalmic treatment. Health recommendations or surgical procedures are scheduled immediately.

If necessary, various certificates required by cantonal or state offices are issued  – it is recommended that you bring all the documents to be completed by the ophthalmologist.


In order to perform a thorough eye fundus examination, it is necessary to dilate the pupils with eye drops. After such an examination, driving is prohibited for several hours.

Wearing sunglasses is recommended after the eye fundus examination with dilated pupils.

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