Adaptation of glasses and contact lenses

Glasses are often the first and basic method of correcting a vision defect. One should keep in mind that at a certain age, usually around the age of 40 years, reading glasses become necessary for the proper and comfortable functioning of eyes. Lack of spectacles or incorrect adopted glasses may result in the appearance of asthenopia symptoms, i.e. eye strain. If you have symptoms such as: headache, deep pain in the eyeball, photophobia, decreased visual acuity, be sure to check your eyes with an eye specialist.

It should be mentioned also that glasses are practically the only prosthesis that people have fully accepted, and wearing glasses is often even desirable for aesthetic reasons, fashion trends and prestige. We have extensive experience in the adaptation of monofocal , bifocal, progressive glasses and office glasses.

We also specialize in adapting contact lenses of various types. There are many advantages to wearing contact lenses. One should remember that nowadays we are able to correct even the strongest corrections in myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or even presbyopia. The visual field with contact lenses is much wider than with glasses, and you may get rid of the inconvenience of having to wear spectacles such as: heavy, bulky, steaming eyeglasses. Contact lenses are therefore very practical for some many activities including sports, e.t.c. or simply for looking without having to see the edge of your glasses.

Remember that well-adapted glasses or contact lenses ensure your comfort and healthy eyes.

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